hiiiiii everyone! 
SO the time has come to release my first ever single, Happy Little Pill. I have spent the large majority of the last few years of my life on this website, hanging with you guys, that it only felt right to premiere it a day or two early on here haha
I wrote this song during a bit of a rough time for someone super close to me, and for myself, and it still means as much to me as the day i wrote it, and i’m still as in love with it as the day i wrote it (which is rare for me!!). I couldn’t be prouder to be giving it to you guys today :’) Thanks for sticking around for so long, for supporting me and other online talent, and for now listening! I have the best and craziest and most committed audience in the world, and I love you all endlessly.
Happy Little Pill is available everywhere July 25, along with the preorder for TRXYE.
TRXYE is out August 15. 
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Troye x
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the days youtubers upload..

How To Put Pants On Without Using Your Arms »

If they can make it, so can you.


When Isaac enters the Animal Clinic, all the dogs and cats, you hear them going crazy because Isaac of course is a werewolf. Well Deaton and Scott came out and Deaton says to Isaac “It’s Okay Isaac” and he opens the door. But what is special about this is Isaac’s body language. Have you noticed how his head is down? It stays down, he looks up once but when he notices Scott, it goes right back down again. The first time I seen this, I thought it was because Isaac was ashamed of how he had been behaving, but it’s not. In a wolf pack, a lower wolf will avert their eyes from the Alpha, it’s to show that the wolf is submitting to an Alpha. Deaton of course knows just what Isaac is doing, he is showing that he’s submitting to Scott’s whole Alpha-ness and he’s not attacking, what’s why Deaton opened the door and he moved back slowly to let Isaac come in, as Isaac looked quite nervous and when Isaac went in the room, the whole time his eyes didn’t rise, which is him yet again showing submission to Scott. Isaac has never done that with Derek,it’s showing us who Isaac considers to be his true Alpha…Scott.